Free & Low-Cost Therapy for Coronavirus Essential Workers

Thank you.

I want to thank all of our essential workers: healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store and food and beverage staff, sanitation workers, delivery employees, and all those serving us during this time of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. All those I’ve spoken to are impacted in at least some way, whether that is economically, physically, or mentally.

Among those I am thankful for, mental health professionals are also at the top of my list. So many have stepped up to support clients and colleagues, change their schedules, office configurations, practices, protocols, and pricing to meet the needs of people around the world-mostly via online therapy (for more on the benefits of online therapy, click here.) I am so happy to be a part of this amazing field.

One resource that I am thankful to be a part of that has been created to address mental health support for our essential workers is Coronavirus Online Therapy. This service was created by another fellow social worker who saw a need and took action to support those who are supporting us in this time of growing anxiety, fear, and illness.

Jennifer Silacci, LCSW reached out to mental health therapists across the nation, looking for volunteers willing to provide free or low-cost online sessions for essential frontline staff. The response has been overwhelming with close to 3,000 therapists offering services in all US states.

Coronavirus Online Therapy is a free connection service to mental health therapists providing pro-bono or low cost short-term therapy to those in various capacities serving others during this time of the coronavirus. Therapists are offering four online sessions at discounted rates ranging from $0-$50 per session, with option to continue with the therapist after the initial sessions*.

*Please note that rates, availability and practice procedures are dependent on the therapist you are matched with.

Interested for yourself or someone you know?

Visit the site to learn more and request a therapist here. Feel free to share this resource widely to support others during this time!

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Volunteers are still needed for therapy, graphic designers, accountants, fundraisers, influencers to spread the word, and more.

For therapists to join, click here.

For all other volunteers, click here.

In gratitude and care,